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My First Trade in Stock Market..The Journey Begins.

My foray in Stock Market & Trading was a mere co-incidence. This was sometime in 2002-03.  After completing Mechanical Engineering from Pune University, I was couple of  years in my job at Tata technologies in Pune. Tata technologies is subsidiary of Tata Motors and looks into R&D of many of Tata Motors Automotive Project. I was working in Engineering Research Centre of Tata Motors in Medium Commercial Vehicle (MCV) Dept. ATM Machine at Bank was a new thing back then and I wanted to have a feel of withdrawing cash from machine rather than standing in queue and waiting for my turn to take my cash from Teller. I went to ICICI Bank branch near to my home to open bank account which will enable me to be part of new banking revolution.After happily signing account opening forms, I was asked by Bank Executive if I would be interested in opening DMAT account. I was clueless what it is and wanted to hide my ignorance. However, I gathered the courage to ask him what it is and what